Anita Beckers

Anton Corbijn

23 Oct 2010 - 29 Jan 2011

© Anton Corbijn
Anthony Kiedis
b/w photography
146 x 146 cm
"Inwards & Onwards"

October 23, 2010 – January 29, 2011

Anton Corbijn once declared his interest in portraying the pain of creation and the people who struggle with that process. Opening on October 22nd, Galerie Anita Beckers proudly presents Anton Corbijn's latest photographic series devoted to some of the most renowned artists of today. The exhibition further includes a moving portrait of Nelson Mandela.

Uniting an austerity principle with an aesthetic one, these black and white prints strike us both for their precision in capturing the geniality of the portrayed - in sometimes humorous, sometimes intriguing situations –, as well as for their thoughtfulness.

In a quiet but striking manner, these apparently perfect and yet spontaneous shots resume the drama involved in the act of creation and leave room for interpretation. As epitomes of an unselfish, strongly individual and lonely strive, these photos reveal Corbijn ́s affectionate and attentive look and his sense of amazement and identification towards others.

Despite the stylisation and apparent coolness of his motives, Corbijn’s photos exude a strange closeness, which comes more from his own perspective on things and less from how well he knows the portrayed. Seemingly “naked” and truthful to our eyes, the strength of these photos comes from the accidental as well as the purposeful within the process of their making. Strongly indebted to Minimalism and evident in Gerard Richter’s photo is the bareness of Corbin’s vocabulary and settings, almost verging into silence.

Speaking of a sense of wonder for the creative act and its shattering dilemmas, “Inwards and Onwards” confirms the photographer’s faith and pleasure in that very same quest.

(Text by Liliana Rodrigues)

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