Anita Beckers

Brasilian Videoart

05 Sep - 14 Nov 2008

© Eder Santos
Call Waiting", 2006
Video installation with 16 bird cages

BRASILIAN VIDEOART, curated by Pedro Mendes Matthew Wood, Belo Horizonte

Duration: September 05th through November 14th, 2008

For occasion of its 10th anniversary Galerie Anita Beckers presents two parallel exhibitions which focus on two of its program strongest points. By presenting young innovative international artist positions and putting an emphasis on video art, Galerie Beckers reflects on the general principles which have been leading its activity and shaping its identity throughout the last decade.
Instead of opting for a revisionist or retrospective exhibition in the line of the best of the best in the last 10 years, Galerie Beckers blinks forward and states its role as a showcase for works and perspectives just recently being produced. The curators of the Brazilian part of the show Pedro Mendes Siruffo and Matthew Wood will also release a new book of contemporary Brazilian art later this year.
In our basement, the second part of the “10 Years Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt” is devoted to an ongoing collaboration between Anita Beckers and the Brasilian curators and Gallerists Pedro Mendes Siruffo and Matthew Wood. “Weight / Weightlessness“ - Laura Belem, Carolina Cordeiro, Cao Guimaraes, Cinthia Marcelle, Eder Santos - presents a video installation and a screening program as a result of this cooperation, thus made accessible to the public in Frankfurt for the first time.
“In these works by five Brazilian video artists, the qualities of weight and weightlessness function as pictorial analogies to free will and determination in both human experience and artistic production. The videos use a visual language which explores tensions between a fate-like gravity and a lightness correlative to self-determination. In Cao Guimaraes ́ video "Sin Peso" (Weightless) the gravity and bedlam of a marketplace is exchanged for a still sky and the floating, prismatic geometries of pitched tents. In a tight visual representation the dualities of earth and sky recall the dualities of the mundane and the transcendent, of obligation and freedom. Against this election for the self-ward image of the celestial is placed the intractable amor fati of Belem's treading billiard balls, the implacable circling of Marcelli's firetruck, Santos' spectral and gridded aviaries, and Cordeiro's witness to the dismantleing of conceptual compass.
Common to the formal aspect of all of these videos is a quiet insistence on the use of simple and unorchestrated sequences of image to carry the viewer to contemplation of his or her own existential condition.” (Pedro Mendes Siruffo/ Matthew Wood)
Within the context of the exhibition a discussion on the current gallery organization system will take place in October 25th 2008.
Since 2006 our performing space "Satellit" located at the Technisches Rathaus in the city centre allows us to offer young artists the opportunity of a first exhibition and other projects:
The theatre and performing project “I am not dead but I am divided” by Paul Wiersbinski – student of the Städel - runs from August 25th till September 14th 2008. The exhibition ends with the Premiere and two further performances on September 12th, 13th, 14th on 7 p.m.

Tags: Laura Belém, Cao Guimarães, Cinthia Marcelle, Eder Santos