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Eva Teppe

11 May - 06 Jul 2006

Eva Teppe
The Human Fly
May 11 – July 6, 2006

EVA TEPPE has already been part with her video „Omertá“ in our exhibition „Portraits – the view behind the make-up“. In her first solo show „The Human Fly“ in our gallery we now will show show two new videoworks by the artist.

Eva Teppe estranges in these work, analogue to former works, found footage material, isolates it from its original story line and leads the images to a new level of significance. Both works, „The Human Fly“ (2006) and „Half Awake Half Asleep“ (2006), revert to video documentations of the officially prohibited jumps of so-calles „Base Jumpers“. The moment of the irrational, which normally manifests itself for the spectator in the action of the jump, is dissolved through the manipulation of the videos and their presentaion in extreme slow motion and is translated in a different state of consciousness.
Eva Teppe creates a suggestive image of a somnambulian atmosphere. The jump of a person from a rock develops to a moment of eternity in time. It is a moment which excludes time and space. The impact of the apparent eternity is undelined through the interplay between the steady metamorphosis of the fluid background and the presentation as endlessly lasting loop. The changing colours – according to the colours of a rainbow – reflect this condition metaphorically. The sound for this video has been conceived by the composer Mikio Vanio and further condenses its the dreamlike atmosphere.

“ She frequently steers our gaze towards filmic details that the original makers of these films were probably not aware of; her reason for doing so, however, is not to amass evidence towards solving a crime but to scrutinize, again and again, the way perception is determined by the viewer’s perspective, by dimensions and proportions, and by the speed at which events are related in time. She systematically exposes the need to grasp onto clear-cut, immutable interpretations as little more than a shot in the dark. (...)
By eliciting hidden evocative qualities and an associative potential not directly contained in the original raw material, the artist also succeeds in multiplying the moments through which the most personal experience of each individual viewer can be addressed.” (Ludwig Seyfarth)

We will further present the video „Half Awake Half Asleep“ at the video art fair LOOP Barcelona (May 19th-21st, 2006).

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