Anita Beckers

Eva Teppe

10 Feb - 02 Apr 2011

© Eva Teppe
Shinjuku Twilight 5 am, 2008
30 x 30 cm, gerahmt 50 x 50 cm
Night falls, day breaks
10 February - 2 April, 2011

In the exhibition "Night falls, day breaks" at the video space of the gallery, Eva Teppe shows next to stereography her video installation "Shinjuku Twilight". The work was produced during her stay in Tokyo.

"The artist noticed the people lying around on the street, mostly men who left the clubs and bars after closing at 5 clock in the morning. The obviously completely exhausted people were not homeless, but had temporarily settled on the road. A strange, fascinating situation, because that at that time of day also began the morning public transportation and the first working people were on the way to their work. For this reason, Eva Teppe’s series has gotten the title "Twilight" describing exactly that moment in between.

For the artist, this is not the first time that she deals with the issue of the (lifeless) body. Seven years ago she worked with body parts of animated dolls that she created on the street and in the woods, reminiscent of the famous series of photographs by the Surrealist Hans Bellmer. A surrealistic flair can also be seen in the photos of Eva Teppe from Tokyo. This is exacerbated by the systematic of the shots. In all, the base line is at the same height, the captured persons lie there like, almost in the tradition of Christo scorto by Mantegna, represented in an extreme foreshortened way. Eva Teppe has a sense of the absurdity of the city and its inhabitants. A formal similarity also happens in another work, which she has made made in New York. With her camera she casually shot in Central Park the people who were camping on the lawn. "

(Text by Nicola Kuhn)

Tags: Hans Bellmer, Christo, Eva Teppe