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Johannes Wald

27 Feb - 18 Apr 2009

© Johannes Wald
still untitled, 2008
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"Replacement characters"

Duration: February 27th - April 18th, 2009

Artist talk: Johannes Wald & Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke
April 8th 2009, at 7:00 pm

Behind the concept which Johannes Wald pursues with his work since the summer of 2008, and here to be seen in the exhibition, lies the maxim “the end-result is irrelevant for the arts“.

„Which have originated“ is in fact an erroneous expression, as these works are not finished products, but much rather works which are progressively subjected to alterations.
The most immediate visualization of preliminarity is represented by the untitled frames which Wald himself characterizes as „placeholders“ for future sculptures. These wooden and steel constructions resembling field easels or field stools can be reassembled in different ways, whereas the material covering them can assume variable forms. As a result, the frames never maintain a fixed appearance for a long period of time.
The metal ingots of the series „Still Untitled“ are to a certain extent formless as well, as they can be rearranged by collectors and curators according to their respective tastes, or they can be smelted by other artists or Wald himself to evolve into new creations.
Other works do indeed possess a finished form, such as, for example, the shape of a recumbent figure. Made of clay, these works must be kept moist with wet towels in order to preserve the possibility of continually being shaped. Should the clay dry out, this would be considered a destruction of the artwork.
The criteria of a finished and perfected work of art are perhaps best fulfilled by the relieves and mobiles, which – as Wald expresses it – do not refer beyond themselves through the mere revelation of their genus-specific features.

Ludwig Seyfarth

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