Anita Beckers

Norbert Frensch

25 Jan - 09 Mar 2013

© Norbert Frensch
Detail aus KTL(F)1 10, 2010
Öl auf Leinwand
190 x 250 cm
25 January - 9 March 2013

It is the supposedly quiet tones that Norbert Frensch strikes when he paints But by doing so he developes an overwhelming virtuosity. With technical masterly precision he creates surfaces that sometimes look metallic, others velvety, depending on which light falls on them. His canvases live; they react to the environment and create strong contrasts.
Since 1992, a series is being produced which takes the picturesque appropriation of a metal bowl as starting point. From different angles, under different lighting conditions and with great artistic quality Frensch approaches this mundane subject again and again. Sometimes it is very clear sometimes less clearly represented. But Frensch’s picturesque sequences always come with a tactile intensity.
Frensch takes a conceptual approach. He scans the surface, but is interested in something more essential: the painting itself, Frensch consistently explores his medium.
Apparently reduced in color, his works radiate peace, but at the same time require a high degree of concentration also by the viewer, so fast consuming is not possible. Frensch’s images stand by themselves, are timeless and do not tell stories. But do we get involved, they unfold a vast thinking spectrum in which we are invited to get lost for a while.
The landscape format images’ Frensch paints since 2004, deal with essential components of painting: space, light and illusion. But in this work, it is now more about expansion, development of color, horizon. A scenic moment is almost felt when we engage in the progressions of this fascinating visual tubes. Unlimited, they wave beyond their image over the edge pointing to spatial infinity. In Norbert Frensch’s painting an intensive examination of the subject image is immanent.
(Text: Anna Feldhaus)

Norbert Frensch (*1960, Mainz) studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg and lives in Frankfurt am Main today. His works could be seen in solo shows in different institutions like Museum DKM, Duisburg; Osthaus Museum Hagen; Museum Wiesbaden or Museum Pfalzgalerie, among others. His work is represented in various collections such as Sammlung Falckenberg, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Sammlung Deutsche Bank AG, Collection of Contemporary Art of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland and Museum DKM, Duisburg.