Anita Beckers

Yves Netzhammer

08 Sep - 11 Nov 2006

"The imprecise bodies"

In our solo show „The imprecise bodies“ with the Swiss artist YVES NETZHAMMER show a new video installation as well as large-sized, graphic works which – in a novel way – are painted on pressboard panels and are situated free-standing in the space.
After the Kunsthalle Bremen had dedicated a big solo show to Yves Netzhammers work, his works could be seen in solo shows at the Museum Rietberg in Zurich and the Museum of Art in Solothurn. In 2007 in the course of the Documenta 12 Netzhammer will be represented with his works at the Karlskirche in Kassel.
Over the years Yves Netzhammer has developed a multifaceted interdisciplinary body of work which unifies in itself graphic, sculptural and computer-animated elements. While contemplating his works one finds oneself opposed to a complexly arranged parallel-body which refers to prototypes of perception in a dialogical way. The references as regards content range from the psychology of the unconscious, gestalt psychology, architecture, biology and technological models to art historical references.
Each material in the works of Yves Netzhammer, whether body or object, is subjected to a steady self-questioning and is searching for an accordant labile representation. Nothing stays what it seemed to be and values meant to be approved are opposed to their opposite. The body in its function as agitation system and particularly the protecting skin as the interface between inner and outer world remains the initial point and vital moment in Netzhammers narrative structure: Infringements and mergences are applied to it, ramification grow out of it and become a communicative intermediary between the protagonists and their surrounding. Each touch means adaptation and identification and so every image in the works of Yves Netzhammer are a reaction to an external experience. The digital landscapes transform into poetically dense fields which grasp mental conditions in a symbolical picture- and signal language. The cool and perfectionist aesthetic of the computer animation concurrently generates a moment of tension supporting the narration of the images between the distancing digital artificiality and the intimately illuminated model world. Therewith Netzhammer’s works are always the attempt to depict a current attitude to life: an inter-field between ephemeral values and desired solidity.
The evidence of the materiality, whether in his video- or in his graphic works, are reflected in his installative implementations which transfer the two-dimensional image in a model-like three-dimensional arrangement. The material substantiality experienced in the computer-generated world is realised there in the smallest haptic and optical details. The collaboration with the textile designer Zuzana Ponicanova, whose works under the label Collenberg/Ponicanova are shown in our project space SATELLIT, has been procreative in this respect. The collaboration of Netzhammer and Ponicanova in the field of art and theatre is also documented in there.

© Yves Netzhammer
Filmstill aus Videoarbeit, 2006

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