Anita Beckers

Yves Netzhammer

10 Jun - 21 Nov 2007

© Yves Netzhammer
Die Subjektivierung der Wiederholung / The subjectivisation of repetition, 2007
Venice Biennial, Swiss Pavilion at the Giardini
"La Bienale di Venezia - Swiss Pavilion"

For over twelve years the artist Yves Netzhammer has been working on a broadly disparate, poetic picture cosmos. His drawings, room installations and computer-generated video films fascinate due to their physical charisma and their formal clarity. Based on the playful energy of re-combination they gingerly grope towards the dark side of our existence: the pleasant is combined with the unpleasant, the dead and the living coalesce into beings never before seen, and the scenarios depicted run the gamut of every size on the scale, from microscopic to gigantic. Netzhammer persistently pushes the boundaries of sensation, his own and others’, producing pictures with a vivid presence, in which the hierarchy between people, animals, plants and objects becomes fluid. The frighteningly beautiful interim arrangements that result challenge our visual preconceptions. The artist forges new forms of empathy and compassion by exploring the edges of the self, specifically the vulnerability and finiteness of the human body and the cultural conditioning of the subject.

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