Annely Juda

Annely Juda

25 May - 28 Jul 2007

Annely Juda, 1994
"A Celebration"

In commemoration of its founder Annely Juda Fine Art is pleased to announce a very special exhibition Annely Juda – A Celebration. The show is a tribute to one of London’s most influential and respected 20th century gallerists and will include 15 major and significant historical paintings and sculptures among them works by Brancusi, Gabo, Picasso, Pollock, Malevich, and Mondrian.

These works was originally sold by Annely Juda and they have been generously loaned by their owners for the purpose of this show. They offer a summary of the quality and importance of the work that Annely Juda exhibited for almost 50 years as a gallery owner prior to her death in 2006. They will be hung together in one room providing a unique opportunity to see such a significant collection of abstract art with such an important historical context – Russian Constructivism meets Abstract Expressionism, East meets West.

In addition the exhibition includes sculptures, paintings and drawings by 37 of the gallery’s contemporary and guest artists including Anthony Caro, Christo, David Hockney, Leon Kossoff and David Nash.

The exhibition as a whole indicates the great breadth of Annely Juda’s interest and at the same time the focus and integrity of her vision. It is to be the first exhibition held in newly renovated and extended gallery spaces on the 3rd and 4th floors at the gallery in 23 Dering Street thus marking the Gallery’s commitment to continue the work of Annely Juda with ground breaking and important exhibitions long into the future.

This is a chance to view masterpieces spanning 1916 – 2007 – almost the exact life span of Annely Juda herself. A 144 fully illustrated book accompanies the exhibition including colour reproductions of every work, an essay by Art Historian Nobert Lynton and enlightening texts and memories by six important museum directors: Nick Serota, Dr Katharina Schmidt, Dr Volker Rattemeyer, Serge Lemoine, Steven Nash, Tadayasu Sakai.

Annely Juda was born in Kassel in 1914 and died in London in 2006.

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