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David Maljkovic - Afterformmain

29 Nov 2013 - 18 Jan 2014

29 November 2013 - 18 January 2014

Annet Gelink Gallery proudly presents Afterform, the fourth solo exhibition of David Maljkovic at the gallery. With Afterform Maljkovic explores new artistic practices, though the show slots into his oeuvre's overall questioning into the reality of art and the examination of the legacy of modernism that can be seen in his past work.

Maljkovic's work often delves into issues surrounding the reception of (modern) art and the malleability of the experience of art, time and space. The artist presents viewers with works that react to and create their own space, time and history, whilst also offering answers to the uncertainty of an unknowable future. In so doing, he often plays on the possibilities allowed by the media he uses, making works that counter a more intuitive use of the materials.

In the main room, the sound and video installation Afterform (2013) is on view. Maljkovic presents an animation on a large white stage-like pedestal. The work is inspired by a cartoon published in a Croatian architectural magazine from the 1960s which satirizes modern architecture and urban planning. The artist mixes himself into the critique, by adding new elements to position himself in relation to the commentary and allowing the spectator to make various interpretations.

Maljkovic continues this theme, with big collages that can be seen throughout the space. These prints are made through the superposition of elements from previous works made by the artist. In doing so, the collages emphasise Maljkovic' practice through which he is constantly looking into and re-evaluating the past. By cutting and arranging the elements, new forms are created that bring forth a newly emergent situation.

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