Anthony Reynolds

Jon Thompson

28 Oct - 03 Dec 2011

© Jon Thompson
Cadence And Discord
further paintings from the Toronto Cycle
28 October – 3 December 2011

Anthony Reynolds Gallery is honoured to present an exhibition of new paintings by Jon Thompson Thompson’s new paintings are a continuation of his Toronto Cycle, referencing the musical theories of Glenn Gould. The new works have the collective title Cadence and Discord (Traer los Sentidos). Layered with references, in the end these are sublime, masterly and very beautiful paintings; indeed the sublime is evoked by that phrase Traer los Sentidos, a concept from St Ignatius Loyola usually translated as ‘bringing the senses to bear’ or ‘prayer of the senses’. Cadence and Discord, terms equally applicable to aural and visual tonality, can be perceived as essential to the fractures and assemblies that bring a painting to a successful conclusion. While engaged with the musical analogies, each one of these paintings also draws upon the palette and colour structures of a different artist, ranging from Giotto to Gaugin, Caulfield to Cezanne. A further important driving force behind these works is MerleauPonty’s concept of the vertical being occupying the horizontal landscape. Enormously complex in their structural relationships and optically riveting, these new paintings offer a profound experience of the union of form and content.

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