Arken Museum of Modern Art

Anna Ancher

29 Jan - 05 Jun 2011

Anna Ancher
Young Woman in the Garden with an Orange Parasol, ca 1905-1910
29 January – 5 June, 2011

Anna Ancher was a remarkable artist. A woman and an innkeeper’s daughter, born about as far from the capital as one could get, she was nevertheless able at an early stage to make an impact as a recognized artist at a time when women were still denied access to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

She found her subjects within the radius of a five-minute walk from her home in Skagen – but she was not simply a local Skagen phenomenon. On the contrary. ARKEN’s exhibition shows Anna Ancher as an internationally oriented artist aware of the latest tendencies in her time.

Her best works have an amazing sensual presence and show that in many respects she was the most modern of the Skagen painters. ARKEN’s major spring exhibition ANNA ANCHER focuses on Anna Ancher’s modernity.

Among other things we wanted to show as many as possible of the artist’s only recently-researched pastels. The press has helped us with a large-scale call for works, and eight pastels have come to light, six of them hitherto unknown. Many works are being shown for the first time in this exhibition.

The exhibition presents 112 pastels, oil sketches, drawings and paintings.