Arken Museum of Modern Art

Anselm Reyle

25 Jun - 14 Aug 2011

© Anselm Reyle
Mystic Silver, 2010
25 Juni – 14 August 2011

Over the past seven years the German artist Anselm Reyle has won great international recognition. He is one of the major figures in a new wave of artists who have revived and renewed abstract art. At ARKEN’s major summer exhibition visitors can experience a number of Reyle’s latest works, including a site-specific installation that will be created specifically for the occasion.

With underplayed distance Reyle remixes everyday objects, popular culture and ‘bad taste’ with references to the modernist art of the 20th century. His works are fascinating compositions of seductive materials and surfaces. The colours and materials that Reyle chooses are synthetic and kitschy: rustling silver foil, glossy metal paint and loud neon colours.

The exhibition will be the first presentation of Anselm Reyle’s works in a Danish museum of art.

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