Arken Museum of Modern Art

The Essence Of Colour – The Art Of Queen Margrethe II

28 Jan - 01 Jul 2012

Margrethe II
Yellow Stone II
28 January – 1 July 2012

To mark HM Queen Margrethe II’s 40th Jubilee, ARKEN is showing a major exhibition focusing on the Queen as an artist. The Queen’s royal status involves sitting for many portrait painters, but at an early stage the Queen herself took up the brush. We are pleased to have a Queen with such striking artistic talent.

The exhibition has the title THE ESSENCE OF COLOUR. Throughout the Queen’s artistic oeuvre she has demonstrated a special interest in and a special talent for expressing herself through colour. Colours express states of mind, and the Queen is someone who ranges wide. The exhibition includes poetic, impressionistic canvases; dramatic, expressive pictures; and humorous, imaginative découpages. ARKEN is showing works that the Queen has created for her own benefit alone, with no ulterior function and with no thought of public or viewers. Impressions of nature are transformed into freely rendered and unpeopled colour landscapes. Through the works we come close to the human being behind them, and they prompt reflection over the symbolism or essence of the colours. Besides being born as a historic figure, the Queen is also an individual. In a busy and often public everyday life, art offers a sanctuary where the Queen has the scope to find herself.