ARoS Kunstmuseum


23 Feb - 04 May 2008


ARoS West Gallery, 23 February – 4 May 2008

With works by 10 international artists from a young private collection, ARoS challenges established art with humour, energy and samples of pop culture.
Pop Art is not dead. On the contrary, it is emerging with far greater vitality, insistence and spontaneity than it has done for a long time. With artists from sources including the Californian skating and surfing milieu as the new artistic comets who use hip hop music, the graffiti culture, computer games and strip cartoons as the starting points for their art, pop art has received a massive injection of vitamins over recent years. These artists constitute the nucleus of the exhibition FunFunFun, which will issue a challenge to established art in the West Gallery during the spring of 2008. All the works derive from a young private collection, from which ARoS has generously been allowed to take its pick. A private collection created on the background of the collectors’ own passion for such things as the skater culture and pop culture in general and which have therefore not needed to take historical respectability into consideration, but have on the contrary allowed humour to be a guiding principle.

Participating artists are: Michael Bevilacqua (USA), Olaf Breuning (CH), Barry McGee (USA), Tony Oursler (USA), Erik Parker (USA), Fredrik Raddum (NO), Matthew Ronay (USA), Thaddeus Strode (USA), Ed Templeton (USA), Not Vital (CH).

The curator responsible for this exhibition is Gitte Ørskou

Tags: Michael Bevilacqua, Olaf Breuning, Barry McGee, Tony Oursler, Erik Parker, Matthew Ronay, Thaddeus Strode, Ed Templeton, Not Vital