Nicola von Senger

Martin Parr

30 Aug - 19 Oct 2013

Life's a beach
30 August - 19 Oct. 2013

The gallery Nicola von Senger is pleased to present for the fifth time a thematic exhibition with photographs from Martin Parr. After the last cross-cultural exhibition Luxury, this year’s exhibition Life’s a Beach concentrates on a topic loved by all: the seaside.

Paar’s interest in the seaside already became apparent in his earlier work. The English artist had his international breakthrough in 1986 with the series The Last Resort: Photographs of New Brighton, in which he mercilessly documented, in vivid colours, the weekend recreation of the English middle class. Adults and children are captured in a seemingly perfect setting on beaches covered with litter.

After his photographs in Brighton, Parr travelled to various countries around the globe to document beach life in a similar style. The exhibition Life’s a Beach gathers together the artist’s best photographs of the last forty years, in which Martin Parr explores all stereotypes and absurdities of the various cultures.

Accompanying the thematic series Life’s a Beach, Martin Parr has produced a handwritten photo album in the old customary way, in a limited edition produced by Edition Xavier Barral. This spring a publication with the same title and equally meaningful, was published by Schirmer/Moser-Verlag in a typical beach style. In a larger edition, inspired by the well-known Hawaii shirt, Parr presents the rituals and traditions of beach life. Both books are available in the gallery.

How will one remember today’s world in 100 or 1,000 years from now? Which documents out of the digital mass will serve as a meaningful picture for the future society? Martin Parr’s work with his unmistakeable focus on society could play a key role.

The exhibition Life’s a Beach in the gallery Nicola von Senger is accompanied by the comprehensive exhibition Souvenir from Martin Parr in the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich.

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