Aurel Scheibler

Michael Wutz

28 Apr - 23 Jun 2012

© Michael Wutz
Untitled, 2012
watercolor, india ink on paper
149,5 x 441 cm
The Heavy Spring Rains of 1769, Pawtuxet
28 April - 23 June 2012

The visual topics in the works of the Berlin based artist Michael Wutz (*1979) alternate between the fascination for indigenous people and prehistorical research, the Fin de Siècle and the offsides of modern life in its urban shapes. Wutz's drawings in coal and sepia as well as his etchings, for which he has received the Horst-Janssen-Graphic Prize in 2011, combine those pole s. He chain s them up to complex narratives and creates new visionary worlds.
In his works Wutz finds symbols for taboo issues of society such as violence, infirmity and death, melting them in to organic and urban forms. This exhibition presents large-sized, water-coloured drawings, which reveal entire landscapes. They are nerved by piles of human bones and archaeological excavation teams, but also by fields of flowers and quotations from art history and literature. In those opulent settings Wutz interweaves his thematic canon to disparate intertwined visual worlds.

Tags: P. Horst, Horst Janssen, Michael Wutz