Balice Hertling


13 Sep - 10 Oct 2007


"Exposition N°1" is the inaugural show of BaliceHertling, a new gallery in Paris founded by Daniele Balice and Alexander Hertling.
This group exhibition is the first presentation of BaliceHertling and an introduction to the gallery program. The selection – of artists and of works – characterizes the gallery owners' sensibility and attitude. It also tells a story of the remarkable encounters that took place during the making of the gallery. Some of the artists in the show will be part of the gallery's regular program,
while others are simply friends and supporters.

New York-based German artist Kerstin Brätsch oscillates between abstraction and figuration in works that have a subtle, esoteric spirit. The Berlin based painter Bernhard Brungs builds an anthology of pictures that combine his interest in history
and literature. American artist Nick Mauss' narrative and symbolic works reveal the artist's complex and mysterious sensibility.
Dutch artist Falke Pisano's work focuses on her interest in modernist sculpture, creating a new, innovative vocabulary based on models, performances and videos. Swiss-born Reto Pulfer bases his diverse rich body of work (poetry, drawing, sculpture, music and performance) around an organized chaos, between the magical and the accidental. Danish artist Pernille Kapper Williams, through her installation work, builds a new vocabulary that refers to both history of art and the strategies of the commodity aesthetics. The Paris-based American artist Oscar Tuazon develops his interest in alternative architecture through the making
of sculptures, drawings, photographs and texts.

BaliceHertling shares the space with castillo/corrales (a collectively-organized gallery based in Paris-Belleville run by a group
of artists, curators, critics and writers), the publishing house Metronome Press and the curatorial office Work Method.
The gallery is open from Wednesday through Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm and will also be open on Sunday the 16th
of September from 2 pm to 7 pm. For inquiries please contact:

Tags: Kerstin Brätsch, Bernhard Brungs, Nick Mauss, Falke Pisano, Reto Pulfer, Oscar Tuazon