Barbara Gladstone


30 Jun - 18 Aug 2006

Currated by Matthew Higgs
June 30 through August 18, 2006

Gladstone Gallery is pleased to announce DERECONSTRUCTION an exhibition curated by Matthew Higgs. For this group show, Higgs brings together a number of emerging and established artists from the United States and Europe to align across generations certain practices and tendencies in (re)structuring the object in the visual field.

DERECONSTRUCTION seeks to consider and conflate the physical and psychological processes of fragmentation (“deconstruction”) and reassembly (“reconstruction”). Exploring relationships between “collage,” “assemblage” and “constructivism”—as art historical categories and also as contemporaneous emotional and social conditions—the exhibition embraces a broad range of approaches and methodologies, including painting, sculpture, drawing, text, tapestry, photography, and video. DERECONSTRUCTION brings together an international and inter-generational group of artists whose work explores—and explodes—vernacular materials and forms. Self-consciously located at a threshold between abstraction and representation, the works in the exhibition variously consider the entanglements between “interiority” and “exteriority”; between the “organic” and the “inorganic”; and between the acts of “rupture” and “reconciliation.”

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication including a text by Matthew Higgs and contributions from the participating artists:

Rita Ackermann
Markus Amm
Alexandra Bircken
Steven Claydon
Bruce Conner
Vincent Fecteau
Will Fowler
Christopher Knowles
Udomsak Krisanamis
Takeshi Murata
A.R. Penck
Eileen Quinlan
Lucas Samaras
Judith Scott
Frances Stark
Linder Sterling
John Stezaker
B. Wurtz

Matthew Higgs is an artist, writer, and curator based in New York. Since November 2004 he has been the director and chief curator of White Columns, New York's oldest alternative, not-for-profit art space. Over the past 15 years Higgs has organized more than one hundred exhibitions and projects with artists. A regular contributor to Artforum, his writing has recently appeared in publications for Christian Marclay, John McCracken, Oliver Payne & Nick Relph, and Elizabeth Peyton, amongst others.

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