Barbara Thumm

Anna Oppermann

Paradoxical Intentions

23 Jan - 16 Apr 2016

Anna Oppermann
“Paradoxical Intentions”
exhibition view Galerie Barbara Thumm, 2016
Photo: Hans-Georg Gaul
Paradoxical Intentions
23 January – 16 April 2016

The face and the rear side of beautiful appearance. Anna Oppermann’s ensemble “Paradoxical Intentions (To Lie the Blue Down from the Sky)”, 1988–1992 at Gallery Barbara Thumm

It all began with a make-up mirror. Anna Oppermann devised and developed her artistic strategy of building ensembles from observation and analysis of optical reflections. By the late 1960s, Oppermann used a rectangular, plastic rimmed looking glass in order to duplicate, shift and expand her perception of reality, experienced as intrinsically cramped and angst-inducing, until reaching the virtual and imaginary. Simultaneously she concerned herself with the role of the artist, the meaning of the image and the economic conditions of art-production.

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