Barbara Weiss

Maria Eichhorn

27 Aug - 08 Oct 2005

Maria Eichhorn became internationally known through her participation in the exhibition /Metropolis/ in the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin (1991). Since then her participations have included the /Venice Biennale, the Istanbul Biennial, Sculpture.Projects in Münster /and /Documenta11/. In this, her seventh solo show at Galerie Barbara Weiss, three continuing new works from the years 1997-2005 will be presented.

The /Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices/ takes an encyclopaedic approach, and was begun during the exhibition /May Day Film Media City/ in 1999 in the Portikus, Frankfurt am Main. It is now being continued for the first time for this show in the Galerie Barbara Weiss. The three-minute short films (colour, 16 mm, no sound, static camera) show sexual practices as close-ups. Three new films were made for the exhibition in the Galerie Barbara Weiss - visualizing the practices French kissing, love bite and ear licking with two actresses.

The video film /Shares in the Kunsthalle Bern/ was made in 2005 for the collection of the Foundation of the Kunsthalle Bern as a follow-up to the exhibition /Money at the Kunsthalle Bern/ (2001). As a part of this exhibition the original share certificates of the Kunsthalle from the years 1912-1918 were reissued. The film /Shares in the Kunsthalle Bern /shows the process of the acquisition of the share certificates by the collection and also promotes the sale of new shares that can be purchased in the Kunsthalle Bern. This film will be shown in an exhibition for the first time.

The radio play /Interviews/ with /Daniel Buren, Adrian Piper, Lawrence Weiner/ (2005) consists of the original interviews edited together. These interviews by Maria Eichhorn were made in the context of her exhibition /The Artist's Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement/ of Seth Siegelaub and Bob Projansky in the Salzburg Kunstverein (1998). The interviews thematize the significance and application of the "artist's agreement" and also issues concerning the sale and resale of works of art.

Current exhibitions by Maria Eichhorn: /Wie Gesellschaft und Politik ins Bild kommen,/ Generali Foundation Vienna; /Occupying Space - Generali Foundation Collection,/ Nederlands Fotomuseum, Tent, Witte de With, Rotterdam; /9th International Istanbul Biennial, /Istanbul;/ EindhovenIstanbul,/ Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.

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