Kunsthaus Baselland

Piero Golia

28 Apr - 16 Jul 2017

Piero Golia
Chalet Grand Finale, 5. Februar 2016
Foto: Bret Redman
28 April – 16 July 2017

Piero Golia, (b. 1974, IT, lives in Los Angeles) who lives in the USA, is among the most independent-minded contemporary conceptual artists, continually challenging the systems and conditions of art and the expectations artists are subject to. In 2005 Golia co-founded the ‘Mountain School of Arts’ in Los Angeles, where students accepted learn and attend classes, without, for example, any student fees to pay; in 2013 he set up Chalet Hollywood – a form of club including loans and works by befriended artists – to enable an experience of art through conversations, shared meals and exchange, etc., in one place. In 2014, together with a group of art students, he reproduced the nose of George Washington, first president of the USA, from Mount Rushmore – and thus exposing the activity of art making as an act of theatre – but above all, to question the ability of art to generate community and a social fabric. Golia will realise a new work developed specially for the annex of the Kunsthaus Baselland for his first institutional showing in Switzerland.

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