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Strich Zeichnung Bild

15 Dec 2007 - 25 Feb 2008

© André Thomkins
Rot grub man am burgtor, 1960
Lackskin auf Papier
19 x 19,5 cm
Nachlass André Thomkins
Courtesy Hauser & Wirth Zürich London
Foto: Barbora Gerny, Zürch

STRICH ZEICHNUNG BILD presents exciting positions by eight artists under the the selection comprises works by Lucas Ajemian (born in 1975, USA), Mike Bouchet (born in 1970, USA), Maria Brunner (born in 1962, Austria), Béatrice Cussol (born in 1970, France), Trixi Groiss (born in 1958, Austria), Olaf Metzel (born in 1952, Germany), André Thomkins (1930 Lucerne – 1985 Berlin), and Heimo Zobernig (born in 1958, Austria).
Axel Huber, artist, curator, and artistic director of the Villa Arson in Nice for many years, has had an inspired look into several artists’ studios and has come up with a refreshing variety of sophisticated works. The show presents uncompromising representatives of the surreal fantastic, the hyper-realistic, the ironic, and the playful narrative. The works shown range from drawings with pencil or self-brewed coke, watercolors, and gouaches to overdrawn newspaper clippings, “lackskin” works, the opening of a gallery wall, and a banner for the exhibition. The exhibition focuses on radically individualistic approaches which strike us because of their unwavering attitude towards trends and fashions. A survey of a kind we come upon much too rarely – technically brilliant, pranky, humorous, and informed by comprehensive intellectual knowledge like André Thomkins’ œuvre. A series of exciting positions which do not claim to convey any overall idea but convince us because of their personal stance.
Christine Kintisch

Tags: Lucas Ajemian, Mike Bouchet, Maria Brunner, Olaf Metzel, André Thomkins, Heimo Zobernig