Berlinische Galerie

Eberhard Blum

24 Feb - 01 May 2006

February 24. to May 1, 2006

“In all my pictorial works I use things that already exist: numbers, letters, words, geometric forms. They become the basis of a construction. I think that these signs that surround us every day are very attractive. They direct our attention and give us information. Taken out of their context however, they become independent and turn into pictures. That is my realism. Someone else draws a vase, I draw a seven.”

Eberhard Blum is flutist, language performer, and visual artist.
He was born in Stettin (Szczecin) in 1940. At first he studied flute in Rostock, then from 1960 to 1964 at the Hochschule für Musik Berlin (West). Already early he concentrated on New Music and Experimental Music. He gained international publicity in particular through his commitment to the music of John Cage and Morton Feldman. Since 1975 he also performs sound poetry of Kurt Schwitters, Raoul Hausman, and Emmett Williams.
Concepts, comparable to a music score, form the basis of the pictorial work of Blum. Like in musical performances however, the result of the pictorial realization remains unpredictable.
In 1995 Blum was awarded with the “Friedlieb-Ferdinand-Runge-Preis für unkonventielle Kunstvermittlung.” This prize is awarded to personalities who, as artists or middlemen in art, have fundamentally committed themselves to culture and who have enhanced the artistic work and cultural life in the German-speaking community by their extraordinary work concerning form and content.

The book – Eberhard Blum: Visual Work 1992-2005 – includes a dialogue between the artist and Volker Straebel and is available at the museum shop.

The Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung sponsors the exhibition.

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Lege Artis, 2005

Tags: John Cage, Kurt Schwitters