Berlinische Galerie

Flic Flac - Art from Berlin

24 Feb 2006 - 12 Mar 2007

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One century of art
Performing a whole turn
Familiar works and never shown ones

For the first time since the opening in October 2004, the Berlinische Galerie is showing its collection once again in the whole building:
Within the new exhibition architecture the context is thematic, not chronological. Canonical art from Berlin of different categories, never shown works as well as familiar ones, face each other. Works from the beginning and from the end of the 20th century are in a dialogue that tells about departures, drastic changes, and disruptions of this city. In order to be able to pick from the huge amount of material, as well as to structure it, terms like fragment, quotation, coincidence, monumentalization etc. were of help.

Fragmentation can be seen in inventions like collage, montage, and assemblage art, which were used by Hannah Höch, El Lissitzky, or Wolf Vostell.

Pieces taken out of their original context lead to monumentalization like in the works of Eva Grubinger, Ulrich Wüst, and Raimund Kummer. Quotations from the history of art or everyday life are incorporated in the works of KP Brehmer and Svetlana and Igor Kopystiansky. Coincidence, as a game, defines not only the painting of Fred Thieler but also the blending of art and life, which formed the history of art of the 20th century: from the expressionists to Nancy and Edward Kienholz.

Kunst aus Berlin
© Nick Ash

Tags: KP Brehmer, Eva Grubinger, Hannah Höch, Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky, El Lissitzky, Fred Thieler, Wolf Vostell, Ulrich Wüst