Berlinische Galerie

Ignacio Uriarte. Counting (for) Eight Hours

04 May - 30 Jun 2014

Acht Stunden zählen, © Ignacio Uriarte, Grafik Thoma+Schekorr
From 4 May 2014 the lobby of the Berlinische Galerie will hum to a new acoustic installation. Ignacio Uriarte (* 1972 in Krefeld), whose works often explore issues around work and time, presents “Counting (for) Eight Hours”. In this new installation he will take his interest in office routine a stage further – a monotonous male voice will be heard in the entrance area to the museum as he steadily counts away eight hours. Strange syllables form the units of measurement, with one second allotted to each syllable, and in the course of eight hours the German speaker reaches the number 3599. Uriarte’s installation is not only a reference to the span of time accounted for by a typical working day and the museum’s own daily opening hours. It also reflects the connection between time as an abstract category and language as a way of structuring and defining it.

Opening on 03.05.2014, 11am in context of the Gallery Weekend.

Implementation with the kind support of Ilse-Augustin-Stiftung

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