Berlinische Galerie

Rolf Julius

19 Nov 2005 - 29 Jan 2006

Rolf Julius
Musik weit entfernt [Music far away]

On November 18, the yearly Hannah Höch Prize was awarded to Rolf Julius by Berlin’s Senator for Science, Research, and Culture. Ever since the 1970s this artist born in Wilhelmshaven in 1939 has remained one of the pioneers of activity working in the border area between the visual arts and music. Still of exemplary and cutting edge character today, these artists developed an art form for which the term “sound art” has been established.

In his last 30 years of work on sound installations, Julius has combined acoustical and sculptural elements to space related pieces. Influenced by John Cage with his maxim “you just have to take things for what they are” and Japanese culture, he has found a “stillness” in the language of sound and form that is characteristic of his work. Whether in single objects or in space demanding installations, his insertion of exciting “tiny” sound events calls for a higher degree of awareness.

Rolf Julius who has shown works in important exhibitions all over the world is presenting his video sound installation “Music far away” for the first time on the occasion of the Hannah Höch Prize.

Tags: John Cage, Hannah Höch, Rolf Julius