Bernd Kugler

Anna Kolodziejska

23 Nov - 22 Dec 2012

Anna Kolodziejska
installation view
23 November – 22 December 2012

“Trousers are an item of clothing designed to cover and warm the buttocks, genitals and legs.”
Anna Kolodziejska’s fourth solo exhibition in Galerie Bernd Kugler is entitled “Beinkleid” (legwear). The first thing visitors encounter when they enter the gallery are classic men’s trousers: standing, hanging or as fragments.
On closer examination of the exhibition, it becomes clear that the artist has approached the subject matter of legwear from two different angles.
The visitor first sees men’s trousers in the classic shades of grey, brown and black with creases and signs of wear, attached to the wall with thin nails. Although the shape and the materiality of the trousers are totally familiar, the pieces of work display an enormous sculptural energy due to the artist’s precise interventions.
The palpable absence of people in the objects and the traces that they have left behind immediately provoke questions of temporality and identity. Men’s trousers, for a long time a symbol of power and superiority, appear here vulnerable and at the mercy of the observer.
As a counterpart to the fabric sculptures, Anna Kolodziejska uses painted plywood objects which act as geometrical copies of them. The template-like, monochrome boards, some of which show only a fragment, function as sculpture, painting and wall drawing in equal measure.


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