Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Emma Waltraud Howes

10 Oct - 02 Nov 2014

Ankyloglossia (n. tongue-tie)
10 October – 2 November 2014

Emma Waltraud Howes integrates movement, objects, drawing and collage, video and sound into live performances and installations, whereby one emphasis of her research is on the extendibility of media boundaries. Howes’ projects are influenced by her intense interest in absurd theatre and her personal training in the fields of dance, performance theory and fine art.Howes’ exhibition Ankyloglossia (n. tongue-tie) is a new performance-installation encompassing a number of works; it takes its inspiration from substantial performing works by Samuel Beckett, Yvonne Rainer and Robert Morris. The work Ankyloglossia (n. tongue-tie), shown as a projection, is an adapted choreography for eight performers; they are dressed in black and move in front of a black background, so that only single, uncovered parts of the body emerge from the darkness, apparently trying to find their part in one great whole by means of a ghostly ballet. Additionally Howes presents Stage Directions for a Mouth, a video projected onto the window of the gallery room and the audio work The Year I learned How to Walk.In the context of the exhibition Howes will also present the recently published artist’s book Ankyloglossia (n. tongue-tie) for the first time. With its compiled notes and sketches, diagrams and choreographic scores, this represents an extension of the installation of the same name in Künstlerhaus Bethanien.
Emma Waltraud Howes is a grantee of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Ministère des Relations internationales du Québec.www.emmawaltraudhowes.com

Tags: Robert Morris, Yvonne Rainer, Rainer Fetting