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Marinella Senatore

20 Jan - 12 Feb 2012

Intermezzo Oper
20 January - 12 February, 2012

"Intermezzo Opera" is the first part of a trilogy of works by Rosas Project, a kind of nomadic ensemble that artist Marinella Senatore founded in Berlin in 2011. It brings together professionals and laymen from the fields of dance, music, writing, theatre etc. and offers them a permanent platform for collaboration. "Intermezzo Opera" is a novel opera in the tradition of melodrama, produced as a joint work with participation by more than 240 Berliners, including the works orchestra of the BVG, opera singers, pensioners, students, schools of cosmetics and hairdressing, actors, choreographers and others. Marinella Senatore involves entire communities in a continuing creative process that she initiates. She has already collaborated with social groups as diverse as retired Sicilian miners and a group of rappers from Harlem. In her projects the viewer becomes a participant, the hierarchy between the artist as author and the audience as recipient is questioned and re-evaluated, the audience becomes the co-author, actor, stage hand, camera team or director etc. By linking personal experiences with collective processes, facts with fiction, history and chronology, Senatore's work promotes the development of an archive of collective narratives, which cause a new type of community spirit to evolve.
Marinella Senatore is currently participating in our International Studio Programme.

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