Bielefelder Kunstverein

From A to B, From B to P

03 Nov 2010 - 30 Jan 2011

Peggy Buth
Desire in Representation, 2004-2009
Series of 70 Photographs
Courtesy the Artist
Can Altay / Davide Balula / Peggy Buth / Emilie Pitoiset / Michael Riedel / Clément Rodzielski

What does it mean when whole exhibitions go on tour? How far do the history of the locations, the context, the size and nature of the spaces determine the concepts and their presentation? How far are pictures, artistic statements and curatorial concepts understood across cultural boundaries?

Today, small and large institutions of art alike are dependant on cooperation. In travelling exhibitions this sort of working together has a long tradition. The goal of this exhibition project, »From A to B, from B to P«, is to take due account of the history and the current development of a globalised exhibitions system. Central to it is the cooperation between two institutions. In concrete terms, it involves the possibility of adapting and suiting two exhibitions to the differing contexts in Bielefeld and Poitiers. The exhibition itself becomes its own subject and is therefore developed in cooperation with the artists. With this initiative, the project seeks to set out a proposition of how, on the one hand, a global development of art and, on the other, the desire for local cultural affinity can both be catered for.

»From A to B, from B to P« is integrated into a larger exchange project between German societies of arts and French Centres d’Art. It is being developed jointly by the Bielefeld Society of Arts and Le Confort Moderne in Poitiers (F). Its first location is Bielefeld, then the exhibition will go on to Poitiers in an adapted form.

Curated by: Yann Chevallier und Thomas Thiel

The exhibition »From A to B, from B to P« takes place in conjunction with Thermostat, a cooperation among 24 art centres and art associations. For further information click

On the initiative of d.c.a and Institut francais, with kind support of Kulturstiftung des Bundes, the french ministry of culture and Culturesfrance.

Tags: Can Altay, Davide Balula, Peggy Buth, Yann Chevallier, Emilie Pitoiset, Michael Riedel, Clément Rodzielski, Thomas Thiel