Blum & Poe

Darren Bader

20 Jul - 31 Aug 2013

Heaven and Earth
20 July — 31 August 2013

Blum & Poe presents a solo-exhibition by Darren Bader.


2 is the indomitable parallax of union and division. Therein lies its horror and divinity, its comedy and stupidity.

It takes two to make a thing go right; it takes two to make it out of sight (like literally, I can't see a thing).

Which number is the number of faith, 2 or 1 (infinity doesn’t count)? Ethically speaking, 2, since 1 is fantasy—fantasy and faith seemingly isomorphic, much like 2 and itself.

Try to separate them—it’s an illusion. (Pope Innocent III)


The impulse is one of knowing: How to know? (Why to know and what to know are both tautological in their own ways. Who cares about where, and where knows no care of who. When is the point that is beside the point.)

Everything is everything as of course it can’t be.

Ask the local gentry, and they will say it's elementary. (Voltaire)


You always wanted a lover; I only wanted a job. (Kanye West)

Words cleave; thoughts struggle to equalize.

Every time one wants to be valedictory, one is assailed by remains. Every time one wants to be present, one is assailed by doubts.

What have I done to deserve this? (Edward Snowden)

There's the noble notion that the abstract can eschew the anthropomorphic, and so it can. But it can’t do anything else at all.

How am I gonna get through? (Fredric March, Death Takes a Holiday)

Darren Bader (b. 1978) studied Film/Television and Art History from New York University. He has had solo exhibitions at MOMA PS1, New York and 1857, Oslo, as well as participated in group exhibitions at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Milan; FLAG Art Foundation, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami; LAXART, Los Angeles; White Columns, New York; and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. He frequently writes and has published several books.

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