Bob van Orsouw

Lutz & Guggisberg

23 Nov 2013 - 11 Jan 2014

Neue Arbeiten
23 November 2013 – 11 January 2014

The Bob van Orsouw Gallery is pleased to present its second exhibition with the Swiss artist duo Lutz & Guggisberg. At a first glance, the „Strunke im Schlaf“ (lit. Trunks in Sleep) appear to be black monochromes, delicate structures, constantly changing according to perspective, until they merge into the image of a tree trunk in a forest that seems to emerge as if from night. The five pictures presented are lithographs in black paint on black cardboard, on the threshold between image and non-image, monochrome and photograph, surface ripples and picture information, fitful like human vision in a forest at night.
The concrete sculptures created by Lutz & Guggisberg also evade a comprehensive grasping view. They stand on the floor, comparable in their dimensions to tree trunks. The sculptures are no large gestures in one piece, they rather are a sort of three-dimensional collage of various formal elements, presenting themselves differently depending on our point of view, and thus continuously evoking new connotations. Certain elements remind us of postmodern neo-classicism, others seem to refer to the mysterious creatures of Surrealism, while the different surface textures keep reminding us of the materiality of the concrete. Just like the „Strunke im Schlaf,“ they present themselves in constantly changing ways to the observer, remain seductively volatile, draw us in, evoking ever new references. The time-consuming additive working method they owe their existence to results in a corresponding visual experience of partial views created by the interplay of individual elements and the whole.
A wall painting, finally, binds the ensemble of objects and pictures together into one large installation, a wood of pictures in which those strolling around hit on ever new surprising details and correspondences.
Andres Lutz (b. 1968) and Anders Guggisberg (b. 1966) have been working together since 1996. In 2012, the duo, whose works form part of notable Swiss and international collections and currently can also be seen in the exhibition „The Forest“ at MUDAM Luxembourg (until January 2014), received the UBS Art Award. Other important solo exhibitions they have had e.g. in 2010 at the Museum Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, in 2009 at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris, in 2008 at Kunstverein Freiburg, at the Aargauer Kunsthaus and the Museum Folkwang Essen, and in 2004 at the Kunsthalle Zürich. Other awards they have received were, among others, the Manor Kunstpreis St. Gallen and, on no less than three occasions, the Swiss Art Award.

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