Chaos City

26 Aug - 10 Oct 2006


Urban development is a new phenomenon and reality in Chinese society. It is also a fundamental driving force for today’s art production. Unlike those previous exhibitions that dealt with urban architecture and city planning, ChaosCity will focus on how urban life style, cityscape and new forms of urban reality are shaping the artistic language and psychology of emerging artists.

Bik Ver Pol ; Chen Shaoxiong ; Chen Xiaoyun ; Fu Jie ; Jia Zhangke ; Kan Xuan ; Liu wei ; Liang yue ; Liu ding ; Qiu Anxiong ; Qiu Xiaofei ; Song Kun ; Sun Xun ; Yangjiang group ; Zheng Guogu

Tags: Qiu Anxiong, Po-i Chen, Liu Ding, Zheng Guogu, Pu Jie, Song Kun, Lu Liang, Chen Shaoxiong, Liu Wei, Qiu Xiaofei, Chen Xiaoyun, Kan Xuan, Sun Xun, Liang Yue