Universal SHOPS

02 Dec 2006 - 15 Jan 2007


All items for sale formed part of the UniversalSHOPS exhibition, which features the work of over twenty Chinese artists, designers, illustrators and musicians.
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Initiated by UniversalStudios-beijing, UniversalSHOPS is a travelling design project that incorporates the works of over twenty artists, designers, musicians and illustrators. Focused on China-related products, it is an ongoing project that incorporates more artists as it evolves and will be stationed in various venues throughout the world.
UniversalsSHOPS features a series of ‘Guerrilla Shops’ reminiscent of Chinese street sellers working around and beyond the limits of the law. The shops will include items such as t-shirts, posters, CDs, DVDs, shoes, balloons, toys, bags, clothes and other commodities commonly seen for sale on China’s streets. Like their street counterparts, these items will also be sold during the exhibition, with most works on offer for under RMB 100.
The idea for the UniversalSHOPS project is to present an interactive exhibition that seeks to recreate the energy, dynamism and deviance of China’s vibrant street culture. UniversalSHOPS also highlights the need for a new negotiation of social life and space in which the gap between art and public is increasingly blurred. By presenting the works as multiples against a backdrop of boxes the exhibition also examines issues of consumerism and cultural production.
Visual artists taking part in the project include Fu Jie, Beijing-based Liu Ding, Liu Wei and UNMASK, Guangzhou based artists Jiang Zhi, Dutch artist Kiara Snijders and Beijing independent sound artist and improviser Yan Jun + friends. Other artists and designers include Tang Yan,Ji Ji, [L + W](Liu Qing and Wang Ting), WZL(Wang Yuwei), and PERK(Jin Ningning and Si Wei). UniversalSHOPS comes to Beijing after forming part of the China Power Station Exhibition, which ran from October to November this year in London’s Battersea Power Station.

Works to be exhibited:
Hong Kong-born artist Fu Jie will be displayingCDs as well as her consumer-influenced handbag, suitcase and slippers. Beijing based UNMASK will have a range of their innovative cloth toys on show, while Liu Wei and Jiang Zhi will show multiple ceramics and ‘golden cups’ respectively. Music critic and poet Yan Jun and friends will be selling a range of CDs while Zheng Guogu will be offering gold and silver printed mats. From ShanghaiTang Yan,Ji Ji, [L + W](Liu Qing and Wang Ting), WZL(Wang Yuwei), and PERK(Jin Ningning and Si Wei) will be showing a range of designer-produced toys.

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