Zhang Peili

26 Apr - 24 May 2008

"A Gust of Wind"

Place: Boers-Li Gallery (formerly UniversalStudios-beijing)
Exhibition Dates: 2008.04.26 - 2008.05.24
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 11:00-18:00

Boers-Li Gallery is proud to announce an upcoming solo exhibition by renowned media artist Zhang Peili entitled A Gust of Wind. The exhibition will be the worldwide premiere of a new video installation piece that attempts to reconnect many of the thematic and formal strands with which the artist has been working for the past several years.
Zhang Peili was a founding member of the artists' collective “Pond Society” in the 1980s, and is considered the father of video art in China because of his groundbreaking work in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He is currently the dean of the New Media Department of the China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou.
His earlier works have experimented with an aesthetics of boredom and have treated themes of technological, social, and political control. His more recent work interrogates viewing conventions, perceptions of time, and notions of progress through the remixing and editing of found footage; it also challenges the boundaries of media art and focuses on video installations.
The multi-channel video installation presented for the first time here furthers Zhang Peili's explorations of the themes of perspective and positionality evident in his prior work and melds them seamlessly with veiled but incisive social critique. The goal is ultimately to reveal the apparatus of social image construction and cast doubt on the ephemeral vision of a middle-class utopia presently offered in the media

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