Bonniers Konsthall

Against Time

12 Sep - 25 Nov 2007

Melvin Moti, The Black Room, 2005
Photo: Claude Cahun
Jan Mancuska, 20 Minutes After, Installation, 2006

Gerard Byrne, 1984 and Beyond, 2005-2006

Lina Selander, [The Hours That Hold the Form (A Couple of Days in Portbou] 2007
Against Time

Group exhibition and book that gathers 20 artists and fiction writers who work with history, storytelling and time. The exhibition deals with the current fascination for recreating the past in contemporary art and literature. Today visual artists and writers move easily between image and text. This has been used as a working method creating a transgression between the two cultural fields in the format of an exhibition. The participants touch upon how we experience time, how we create stories and what function the reconstruction of the past fills in contemporary culture.

The book Anachronisms is produced in collaboration with Albert Bonniers Förlag.

Participating artists and fiction writers:
Ulla von Brandenburg (Germany), Gerard Byrne (Ireland), Marcel van Eeden (The Netherlands), Annika von Hausswolff (Sweden), Johannes Heldén (Sweden), Leif Holmstrand (Sweden), Martin Karlsson (Sweden), Fabian Kastner (Sweden), Joachim Koester (Sweden), Robert Kusmirowski (Poland), Lotta Lotass (Sweden), Jan Mancuska (Czech Republic), Melvin Moti (The Netherlands), Gerald Murnane (Australia), Lina Selander (Sweden), Marie Silkeberg (Sweden), Johan Thurfjell (Sweden), Dubravka Ugresic (Croatia), Per Wizén (Sweden) and Ulrika Minami Wärmling (Sweden).
Curator: Sara Arrhenius. Editors: Magnus Bergh and Sara Arrhenius.

Tags: Ulla von Brandenburg, Gerard Byrne, Marcel van Eeden, Annika von Hausswolff, Joachim Koester, Robert Kusmirowski, Ján Mancuska, Ulrika Minami, Melvin Moti, Lina Selander, Johan Thurfjell