Bonniers Konsthall

More Than Sound

05 Sep - 02 Dec 2012

More Than Sound
Bonniers Konsthall, 2012
5 September - 2 December 2012

What is music? And what makes it something that is more than just sound? This autumn Bonniers Konsthall is focusing on how music is used and created in contemporary art.

After taking on cultural forms such as literature, theater and film in recent exhibition Bonniers Konsthall now focuses on the encounter between art and music. What is music? And what makes it something that is more than sound? This autumn’s large group exhibition More Than Sound, featuring work by leading Swedish and international artists, will explore the nature of music and be a place where music is created.

More than ever before, today’s society is permeated by music. The Internet and portable devices give us access to everything from Richard Wagner’s bombastic operas, to Patti Smith’s punk-poems or Angolan kuduro. Accessibility has expanded our musical experiences, and naturally left an impact on society and how music is shaped.

More Than Sound will focus on how music is being used and created within contemporary art. Bonniers Konsthall is presenting nine artists whose artworks hover between the spheres of art, music and composition, none being strictly either or, and we will be able to consider varieties of music, or perhaps, varied uses of music, performed by artists and musicians. The music and works of art are not orchestrated to exhibit a amalgamated point of view. Rather, their differences are principal, and the experience of silence, which occurs between shifts, is seen as equally compelling.

I intuitively search for deeper multi-sensory contexts that hypnotize me. I want to understand the peculiarities of perceptual psychology, for example how sight relates to space and sound to time. Matti Kallioinen

Throughout the fall our encounters will range from classical compositions and opera-electronica to sound and light objects and chronicles told tonally, both live and recorded, in the gallery space and in concert halls and clubs around Stockholm. It is therefore an exhibition in which several kinds of music will coexist, overlap and occasionally contradict one another, developing, as it were, an incongruous harmony that explores and questions the confluence of what is colloquially understood as sound and that which is known as music.

An important part of the exhibition is our comprehensive program of live performances, workshops, and seminars, which will take place both at Bonniers Konsthall and at different venues around Stockholm. In a unique collaboration with Drottningholms Slottsteater, Bonniers Konsthall is organizing a concert to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of John Cage on September 5th. Other events include artist talks with Brian Eno and live performances with some of today’s most important composers such as Tarek Atoui, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, and Malin Bång.


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