Thilo Heinzmann, Antoni Llena, Bojan Sarevic

29 Mar - 02 May 2007

Installation shot
Thilo Heinzmann, Antoni Llena

Bortolami is proud to present an exhibition that includes works by the artists Thilo Heinzmann, Antoni Llena and Bojan Sarcevic. These artists confront our ideas of art by addressing the aspect of validity of the ephemeral and seemingly facile gestures.

The work of the Catalan artist Antoni Llena (b. 1942) reflects a pioneering direction in Spanish conceptual art. Llena’s vision departs from traditional composition by using materials that are marginalized by established movements. The artist focuses on the fragility and precarious instability that manifests itself in our understanding of beauty. Llena’s work has been included in exhibitions at the Museo d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and Museo d’Art de Girona.

Bojan Sarcevic was born in 1974 in Belgrade. Sarcevic's work has taken many forms, including video installation, site-specific architectural projects, photographic collage, abstract sculpture, and printed publications. Traveling across a spectrum of humor, beauty and melancholia, his works are invariably primed with psychological charge, formal elaboration and sociopolitical engagement. The artist is presenting his latest series of sculptures that are most notable for their precarious nature and subliminal aesthetic. Sarcevic recently exhibited at Kunstverein Heilbronn, Kunstverein Munich and the ArtPace Foundation in Texas.

Thilo Heinzmann’s works effectively combine media from modern technology such as polished aluminum or polystyrene with traditional craft elements such as wood, glass, shells and cotton, into a balanced visual plane. By using reductive materials combined with small, yet deliberate gestures, the works are characterized by a sense of ephemerality and nonchalance. However they are actually wellconsidered, carefully planned compositions. The artist creates work that often presents a dichotomy, such as the work in our exhibition. The violence of a gesture (in this case axing holes in metal) contrasts with the calm expanse of white aluminum that is as pure and serene as snow. Heinzmann has had solo exhibitions at Galerie Guido Baudach in Germany and has been included in numerous international group exhibitions. Born in 1969, the artist currently lives and works in Berlin.

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