Bruce Haines

Audrey Reynolds

16 Jan - 01 Mar 2014

16 January - 1 March 2014

‘Thirteenth’ by Audrey Reynolds foregrounds a group of two-sided paintings, a form familiar to Byzantine altarpieces and secular panel painting of the 13th and 14th centuries through to the late modernism of the 1950s. With Reynolds’ titles using nomenclatures such as ‘1395-1399’ and ‘1863’, a reach into history is implied therein.

The paintings are a delicate collage of household-paint and casually-found but carefully-retained keepsakes adhered to their matt surfaces along with what have become her signature modelling-clay elements.

They are also synonymous with Reynolds’ wider practise of writing and sculpture in which she tries to make effective punctuations in space from the point of view of one who by nature resists unnecessary embellishment and noise.

Audrey Reynolds (b.1969) lives in London and was recently included in ‘Modern Families’, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork / ‘Limber: spatial painting practices’, herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury & Grandes Galeries Esadhar, Rouen / ‘home Theater’, Baró Galeria, Sao Paulo / ‘Anthology, Film in Space’, Camden Arts Centre, London / ‘This This Monster This Things’, Focal Point, Southend-on-Sea.
She has also had solo exhibitions at The dock, Carrick-on Shannon and outpost Gallery, norwich.

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