Bucharest Biennale

Bucharest Biennale 2

26 May - 27 Jun 2006

Bucharest Biennale 2
Chaos: The Age of Confusion

Zsolt Petranyi

Our daily existence is depending on understanding. The way we live and act, the mode of our actions, our consciousness and standpoint are constructed by the step by step approach to the world itself through our education and maturation. Even our positions and opinions can be very different, the basic experience we have when approaching any ideology or solution is: unsureness.
The doubt of our intelligence has global reasons. It is a stereotype to mention that the trend oriented towards the development of science, the doubtful information of the media and the internet boom lead us to partial knowledge where every of our statements have a missing part, the affects/effects of the unknown. This doubleness is a frustration which is not possible to overcome. Finally the disorder became the character.
Even the chaos as theory became interesting for mathematics to find out the legalities of the incalculables, it seems so that the chaos theory overgrow its borders to become a part of our life experience.
The "confusion" as part of our life became a metaphor. It symbolizes the calmness of the resignation of "as it is" where what we know and register are nothing else than small signs of our status quo, where we are and what we see.
The artistic expression of the pervasive confusion could be something parallel with the postmodern idea; it seems to be good to narrow a bit the relation to the subject. The general idea or experience of the world splitting in small parts, where the rules became local, even the economy tries to build up the global welfare, is common. The art itself became a territory where the number of initiatives is uncountable. The subjects and styles are following a wide flow of interest where the individual activity looses sometimes its correlating points. We observe art as personal facts of the artists while knowing that the viewer is also an individual, alone with his/her understanding.
After conceiving how different artists react to these questions in different media, I became interested how the question of confusion or the metaphor of chaos can be represented in photo-based works. I think that the analog representation of the world is the most interesting in the sense of describing this subject. It is clear that the view of what we see can not be enough to express the conclusion of the promiscuity; the political or personal meanings have to be expressed by manipulation of the seen. Thus, the parts of the image are real, just the coherencies are expressing the state of the artist.
The selection of the artists wanted to express the overallness of the metaphor of "chaos", by opening widely the geographical directions the works are collected from.

Zsolt Petrányi



Erik Binder

Eduard Constantin

Janos Fodor

El Perro

Rainer Ganahl

Katia Lombardi

Agent MC

Sebastian Moldovan

Pedro Motta

Ioana Nemes

Ilona Nemeth

Tatsumi Orimoto

Dan Perjovschi

Catalin Rulea

Janek Simon

Attila Stark

Aya Tsukioka

Wang Qingsong

Tags: Erik Binder, Eduard Constantin, Rainer Ganahl, General Idea, Pedro Motta, Ioana Nemes, Ilona Németh, Dan Perjovschi, Wang Qingsong, Rainer Fetting