Daniel Buchholz

Loretta Fahrenholz

Two A.M.

27 Jan - 25 Feb 2017

Loretta Fahrenholz
installation view Galerie Buchholz, Berlin 2017
Two A.M.
27 January – 25 February 2017

A bestselling author of the Weimar Republic and a glamorous figure of 1920s Berlin, Irmgard Keun established the concept of modern “girl culture”. Her novels are written in the manner of “Neue Sachlichkeit” (“New Objectivity”), direct, observational, almost staged in their nature and strongly informed by film and popular culture.
She was blacklisted after the Nazis rose to power and forced into exile and would later fake her own suicide and sneak back into Nazi Germany under an assumed identity. Mostly forgotten after the war she experienced a literary renaissance in Germany before her death in 1983.

The fantasy film Two A.M. is based on Irmgard Keun’s novel After Midnight (1937), describing two days in the life of the heroine Sanna in Frankfurt during the rise of the Nazis.

Two A.M. (2016, 40 min, HDV, colour)
Punky, streetwise Sanna bridles at her aunt’s traditional ways. Her adopted family are members of the Watchers, powerful information-obsessives whose unusual telepathic abilities and sociopolitical pretensions only manage to get on Sanna’s nerves. But after she abandons the family home and her young lover for the city, her dream of a brilliant urban life quickly falls flat. From her half-sister Algin, in despair over a faded singing career, to Algin’s depressive and love-obsessed partner Lisko, to Hedy, the splenetic, paranoid journalist who’s inadvertently caught Lisko’s eye, everyone in the big city seems to be totally wrapped up in their own serial dramas and star-crossed affairs. She quickly acquires a problem of her own when her lover, Franz, reappears in the city along with her unpredictable, sinister Watcher sisters. Sanna and her friends bounce from bar to bar towards a party that will bring everyone’s minor ennuis and compulsive intimacies together with unforgettable results. Jeff Nagy

With: Theadora Davies, Emile Clarke, Jim Fletcher, Sophie Fives, Annika Glass, Andrew Kerton, Paula Knüpling, Ilya Lipkin, Mira Partecke, Emily Sundblad, Yuko Torihara, Helga Wretman, Michael Bornhütter, Klaus Kamptner, Leonie Kossi, Gerda Martin, Liana Saito, Julian Wadsworth, Min Yoon

Script: Jeff Nagy, Loretta Fahrenholz
Cinematography: Till Megerle
Sound: Simon Konrad
Assistant Director: Angela Stiegler, Yulia Lokshina
Editing: Steffen Martin
Sound Design: Steffen Martin
Costumes: Marianna Serwa
Costumes Assistant: Joanna Vavra
Make-up: Marianna Serwa
Party Set: Nicola Brunnhuber, Catharina Wronn, Min Yoon
Production Management: Yulia Lokshina, Angela Stiegler
Casting: Loretta Fahrenholz, Angela Stiegler, Steffen Martin
Locations: Angela Stiegler, Erika Landström, Loretta Fahrenholz
Color Grading: Ben Brix
Music: Steffen Martin, Ivan Sobolew, Christian Naujoks
Production: Loretta Fahrenholz, Schipschack/Tangen, vitakuben, Fridericianum Kassel, Kunsthalle Zürich, Galerie Buchholz, Reena Spaulings Fine Arts
Titles: Hit

Tags: Loretta Fahrenholz, Ilya Lipkin, Steffen Martin, Till Megerle, Reena Spaulings, Emily Sundblad, Helga Wretman