Daniel Buchholz

Michael Krebber

Wirklichkeit erschlägt Kunst

26 Apr - 15 Jun 2019

Michael Krebber
Wirklichkeit erschlägt Kunst
installation view Galerie Buchholz,
Berlin 2019
Wirklichkeit erschlägt Kunst (Reality Slays Art)
26 April -15 June 2019

opening reception on Friday, 26 April, 6-9 pm
extended opening hours during Gallery Weekend
on 27 and 28 April 11am-7pm

The phrase “Reality Slays Art” does not claim that reality impedes art, destroys it, renders it irrelevant. Instead, this sentence (the title of a painting by Albert Oehlen from 1980) states that art ideally helps in developing a feeling for the massiveness of the real: for inevitability, contingency, density, poison but also malleability, sex, resistance, for my small and unimportant pains and the ugly triumphs of a not yet fully developed consciousness. In other words, for the dismal, tragic, deep tautology that everything real is real – though least of all perhaps the artwork to which I owe this insight. But since it is in encountering art that one experiences this feeling, art can easily become its first victim. At times deservedly so.

Diedrich Diederichsen, 2019