CAAC Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo

Behavioural Art And Social Body Images

17 May - 06 Oct 2013

Ángeles Agrela
S/T (Untitled), 2003-2005
17 May - 6 October 2013

Curator: Juan Antonio Álvarez Reye y Yolanda Torrubia

Exhibition Session: Surround Action: Conceptual Peripheries
Artists: Rafael Agredano · Ángeles Agrela · Ana Laura Aláez · Alfonso Albacete · Pilar Albarracín · José Luis Alexanco · Francis Bacon · Txomin Badiola · Johanna Billing · Juan Sebastián Bollaín · Louise Bourgeois · Günter Brus · Nacho Criado · Pepe Espaliú · VALIE EXPORT · Flo6x8 · Mar García Ranedo · Victoria Gil · Nan Goldin · Dionisio González · Juan Hidalgo · Jürgen Klauke · Cristina Lucas · Ana Mendieta · Marta Minujin · Aleksandra Mir · Daido Moriyama · Otto Muehl · Bruce Nauman · Nazario · Hermann Nitsch · Marta María Pérez · Carlos Pérez Siquier · Guillermo Pérez Villalta · Julio Romero de Torres · Lotty Rosenfeld · Martha Rosler · Inmaculada Salinas · Rudolf Schwarzkogler · Andrés Serrano · Ann-Sofi Sidén · Miguel Trillo · Darío Villalba · Carrie Mae Weems

This exhibition featuring selected works from the collection of the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo attempts to explore the different facets of action art, such as behavioural art and body art, as this discipline constitutes one of the museum's principal lines of growth and research.

The premises of behavioural art are found in action art, analyzing individual and social behaviour, whereas body art evolved from the former and encompasses a large number of artistic expressions that are all related to the body yet very different in both form and intentionality, as Simón Marchán Fiz noted in his famous essay "Del arte objectual al arte de concepto" which recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of its publication.

As a temporary exhibition of the museum's permanent collection, this show brings together works from different moments in time by artists belonging to different generations.


Tags: Valie Export, Marta Minujín