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Chto Delat

26 May - 01 Oct 2017

Chto Delat
A Protester's Dream, 2016/2017
HD video, 16:9, color, sound, 3 digital prints
Courtesy of Chto Delat and KOW, Berlin
Chto Delat
Compromiso, 2014
Learning Flags - How To Learn Better
Mixed textiles (sewed), vinyl paint. 133 x 196 cm.
Courtesy of Chto Delat and KOW, Berlin
Chto Delat
It Hasn't Happened To Us Yet. Safe Haven, 2016
Two-channel HD video installation, 16:9, color, sound, 49:06 min.
Photo: Ladislav Zajac
Courtesy of Chto Delat and KOW, Berlin
When We Thought We Had All the Answers, Life Changed the Questions
26 May – 1 October 2017

Curators: Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes in collaboration with Ana Ballesteros Sierra

In 2003 a group of artists, philosophers and writers founded the Russian collective Chto Delat. The name, which translates as "What is to be done?", formulates a highly relevant question in these times of crisis while also recalling a famous pamphlet written by Lenin. The group’s approach to projects is heretically linked to devices developed by authors like Brecht, Godard and Fassbinder. They combine theatre, video, mural art, banners, drawings and sculptures with other formats, such as a self-published newspaper and the educational platform they founded (the School of Engaged Art in St. Petersburg).

The variety and versatility of their work is illustrated in this exhibition, whose title offers an ironic commentary on the ability of capitalist and authoritarian regimes to change the rules of the game at any time, and on the need for malcontents within those regimes to create temporary autonomous zones of action as prescribed by Hakim Bey.

The great crisis in which we are now immersed may well be the moment when they changed the questions on us, just when we thought we had the answers that would advance the cause of social justice. The show, which will travel to Mexico City after opening in Seville, also alludes to liberation theology, particularly in connection with agents of resistance who were sacrificed. The display apparatus that the group has devised for the monument zone of the former Carthusian monastery contrasts the angels and heroes of that historical resistance with retrograde movements. Other works deal with the educative and transformative action of the artistic avant-gardes, especially in Russia. The selected pieces, produced between 2009 and the present day, also address the dilemma of those torn between the desire to retreat to a safe haven and lick their wounds and the need to continue the struggle for change despite the risks involved.

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