Camden Arts Centre

Mamma Anderson

28 Sep - 25 Nov 2007

Sleeping Standing Up, 2003
"These finely tuned paintings are both dreamily seductive and beautifully melancholic. Metro."

Karin Mamma Andersson's paintings of interiors and landscapes merge the mysterious with the mundane. They evoke her native northern Swedish countryside, where the sun never sets in midsummer nor rises in midwinter.

Andersson is a leading contributor to the resurgence in painting as a contemporary art form. Thought of as a 'painter’s painter’, she has a sensuous approach to colour, surface and style. Some areas of the canvas are left blank, giving her work a mysterious quality.

"Beauty and darkness, realism and absurdity are reconciled in her compositions." Ann-Sofi Noring, Curator

Andersson refers to Swedish painters such as Ernst Josephson and Dick Bengtsson and like Peter Doig and Laura Owens displays different painting techniques.

New works hang alongside her most significant paintings in Andersson's first solo exhibition in a UK public gallery

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