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Reena Spaulings

12 Oct - 22 Dec 2006


Lane is pleased to announce the first exhibition of Reena Spaulings in London.
Reena Spaulings is an artist and art dealer based in NY.
"Bialystoker" is an exhibition of new paintings and drawings.
One series of canvases revisit Seurat's pointillist experiment in order to picture the rise of a luxury condominium (designed by Bernards Tschumi) on New York's Lower East Side, a few blocks from Reena Spaulings Fine Art.
Echoing the repetitive application of point in the small canvases is a large painting of a common brick wall. "The Bricks" is 40 feet long, double-sided, unstreched canvas.
A series of charcoal drawings is based on photographs of various art openings, performance events and installation views at Reena Spaulings Fine Art between 2004 and 2006. Many of the drawings have been altered in the framing process, using black matte board to recrop and sometimes mask more than half the original image.
"Bialystoker" is the name of a small street and a retirement home next door to Reena Spaulings Fine Art; it is also a region in Poland and flat style of bread loaf.
For further information please contact the gallery on 0207 253 8580 or send an email to

© Reena Spaulings
12 October - 18 November 2006
Installation view
Gallery 1
Sutton Lane, London

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