Campoli Presti

Toby Paterson

07 Jul - 03 Aug 2007


In a continuing exploration of architectural aesthetics and their underlying social and political motivations, Toby Paterson examines how the built environment can be interpreted and pursues the points where ideology and building meet.

'Exploded Plan' is an assemblage of forms and imagery, a conflation of images and ideas relating to both built and unbuilt architecture. Abstracted forms, drawing, relief and sculpture are composed along plan like shapes that are painted directly onto the walls.

The sources stem from the artist's research and engagement with buildings and spaces in London and beyond. Paterson references the art and architecture of individual figures such as Berthold Lubetkin, Mary Martin, Richard Siefert, Victor Pasmore and Denys Lasdun. With a more diffused and abstracted presence than in previous installations, these sources do not aim at a specifically historical perspective. They are assembled in such a way as to re-embed them in a different structure from the one in which they were first experienced.

Rather than being a personal iconography, this new environment forms a hybrid of real and imagined space and positions itself between architectural idea and built reality, forming a quixotic conception of ways of arranging space.

Toby Paterson was born in 1974 and lives and works in Glasgow. He was awarded the Beck's futures prize in 2002. Toby Paterson's recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions at the Modern Institute, Glasgow and the CCA Glasgow and the group exhibition 'Britannia Works', sponsored by the British Council in Athens. Forthcoming exhibitions will be at Tate St Ives, Cornwall and Glassbox, Paris. A solo exhibition is planned for the Barbican, London in 2005

Tags: Mary Martin, Toby Paterson