Capitain Petzel

Moe Matsuhashi

09 Mar - 13 Apr 2019

Moe Matsuhashi, March 9 – April 13, 2019 © the artist and Capitain Petzel, Berlin. Ph: Jens Ziehe
9 March – 13 April 2019

Capitain Petzel is pleased to announce an exhibition by Berlin based artist Moe Matsuhashi in the lower exhibition space. The show features recent paintings and two sculptures.

Serving as the main source for the paintings are the artist’s photographs capturing children’s scenes from an adult perspective in both urban and natural landscapes. In her images, a naive iconography meets uncanny details that alter the syntax of the original photographic compositions. The children’s faces are obliterated; there are no signs of gender or identity. This anonymity is grounded in Matsuhashi’s interest in depicting childhood—rather than specific children—as a state of being that, according to her, shares similarities with her artistic practice.

Furthermore, the exhibition presents a series of three paintings based on images downloaded from the internet, representing scenes from refugee camps of Rohingya people in Bangladesh. Matsuhashi incorporates this topic into her iconographic repertoire not as part of a political agenda, but rather because it represents an inescapable current issue in the media in Germany, where she now lives.

Displayed right down the stairs, an object resembling a puppet theater gives introduction to the presentation. In addition, a wooden sculpture carved with vegetation motives inspired by baby playpens is placed in the middle of the room, surrounded by the paintings.

Moe Matsuhashi (born 1985 in Saitama, Japan) lives and works in Berlin. She studied painting at Tama Art University and obtained an MFA from Dresden University of Fine Arts (Class of Professor Martin Honert). Her work has been featured in group exhibitions at Motorenhalle, Dresden (2018); Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo (2018); OSTRALE Biennale 11, Dresden (2017); Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (2016); and REDBASE Foundation, Yogyakarta (2016), among others. She is represented by NANZUKA, Tokyo.