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Christian Schumann

29 Apr - 03 Jun 2006

Christian Schumann
Land and Air
29 April - 3 June 2006

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-6pm
Vernissage: Friday, 28th April, 6 p.m.

In Arch 49 c|g + is showing new works by the American painter Christian Schumann (* 1970, Rhode Island). While Schumann has so far been renowned for the great intensity of colour in his paintings, which combine text and comic elements, his new works are more concentrated blueprints, like microscopic sections zoomed out of his previous visual universe and bordering on or spilling over into abstraction. In the intricate detail of his painting, Schumann plays with both styles: atmospheric canvases picking up on trends in American colour field painting, generating vibrant spaces impregnated with colour and fantastic (architectural) landscapes, which from a distance almost seem to be geometrical decorative patterns. “Park and eat” (2006) sketches out a hallucinogenic and apparently infinite landscape composed of various architectural backdrops. The instable landscape covers the entire canvas almost organically, like overgrown vegetation. Although the entangled individual elements are in some ways meticulously demarcated, at the same time they tend – and this is not simply in terms of the colours - to blend constantly one into another, to dissolve boundaries and trigger an uncontrollable visual metamorphosis.

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© Christian Schumann
Park and Eat,2006
acrylic on masonite panel
102 cm x 127 cm

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